Ball Screw

  • SD Series

    Ball Screws which moves bi-directionally

  • PSR/PSRT series

    High accuracy (JIS C5) has been achieved by Rolled Ball Screw

  • SR/SSR series

    Rolled Ball Screws

  • SG series

    Precision Ball Screws which are accuracy C3, C5

  • BSSP Series

    Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline

  • Resin Lead Screws

    Lead Screws with plastic Nuts

  • FA Series

    Single Axis Actuators

  • MB series

    Precision Ball Screw + 5 Phase Stepping Motor

  • TMB series

    Rolled Ball Screw + 5-phase Stepping Motor

  • 2TMB Series

    2-phase Motor & Rolled Ball Screw type

  • SiMB Series

    Hybrid type Si-MoBo